Best Projector Under 200 Doller in 2022

Many people ask about the most effective projector for under 200. While the most recent televisions appear to be massive in size, their dimensions are considerably smaller in comparison to the projection size. Like modern televisions, there are a variety of projectors available in the case of a small budget.

In reality we’ve compiled the top-rated projector under 200 dollar that were chosen on the basis of these aspects:

  • Screen Size: Since the recommendation is to select an LCD projector instead of television because of its larger screen, determining the screen dimension of the device is an excellent option. If you look at them in comparison, the size of an LCD screen that is larger than 300 inches in size is more likely to be much larger than one with a screen that is 200 inches or more.
  • Native Resolution: You need to verify your display’s resolution if it is not more than 200 pixels. This is due to the fact that an image with a higher resolution like 1920 x 1080 is more likely to produce higher quality images than the original resolution that is 1280 pixels 780 pixels. In contrast to the resolution of your input the native resolution tells you of the quality of output of your projector. This is due to the fact that a higher resolution.
  • The brightness of the Projector: Whether it is using the projector during the evening or in the day, having a bright robust and powerful projector is can be a great choice. Also, making sure the brightness is on your screen is crucial to ensure that it is visible. This is because an LCD projector with 9000 lumens can be easily visible when compared with the projector that has 7000 lumens.

Beyond these, there’s many things to consider when considering projector priced at below 200 dollars. This is why every one of the top-rated projectors under $200 that we list here come with the basic specifications and the features described along to the specs.

Projector Buying Guides Under 200 Doller

If you’re an avid viewer of all kinds of film and television, you’re likely to be enjoying these on a big screen, allowing for an experience that is more immersive. 

However, regardless of whether you own an impressive television or not, the projector will give you a superior display at a lower cost. This is why we’ve presented the best projector with a price less than 200 dollars.

In this list you’ll find the most important qualities and characteristics of these top projectors priced at under $200. In addition is that you’ll be able to look through this complete buying guide for the best projector less then 200 dollar to know more about projectors:

1. Display Size

Users who choose an LCD projector instead of a large TV will most likely require a larger size screen. This is why determining the exact size of the projector you are planning to use is vital since a larger screen is always more effective when using a projector.

In terms of the size of screens you can look at when looking for projector for lower than 200 dollars, these may have sizes that range from to 200 inches, and up to 250 inches or 300 inches. 

When compared with each other and the larger screens, with a size of 300 inches or more is larger than the other models and will be sufficient for most users.

2. Native Resolution

Similar to the monitor or television, the projector may be connected to various audio output devices as you’ll discover in the purchase article. Due to these wireless connections, the projector you purchase will support various resolutions.

However, the sharpness or image quality your projector will provide for less than 200 dollar is dependent on the native resolution. The resolution that a projector’s native resolution will provide information regarding the resolution of its output which determines the quality of the final image. 

In the final, a projector which is able to produce an image with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels will provide you with higher quality images than one that is 1280×720.

3. Brightness

If you’re familiar projectors you’ll recognize that they’re recommended to be used in dark places. This is due to the fact they don’t have similar to TVs in brightness since they don’t have backlighting.

To maximize the brightness of your projector, it is crucial to examine the lighting ratings. There are a variety of brightness ratings available for projector under 200 Dollar.

They could include options up 7000 to 7000 lumens. As high as 8000 lumens, and more than 9500 lumens. A greater brightness rating is the most effective.

4. Connectivity Options

Whatever device you’re using, whether projectors or TVs you’ll need to connect to multiple devices. It’s the reason why a variety of connectivity options is crucial. If you’re not able to choose from a wide range of options to connect, you’ll not be able use the device that you like best and your projection device.

Also it is a matter of researching the type and amount of input ports at the rear or back of your gadget is recommended. In the same way, there are numerous ports and connectors, such as VGA HDMI and A/V. 

USB, Aux, MicroSD and even WiFi or Bluetooth in some instances. A projector priced below 200 dollar with more connectivity options than what you need will likely to be very versatile.

5. Warranty and Reliability

While the best projectors for under $200 are priced reasonably, however, you’ll need to be able to count on a good degree of security to make sure that you do not have to buy a new projector or again. To ensure that you have the best quality, you should first confirm the warranty included with the model you’re considering buying.

Though most projector priced less than 200 are covered by a one-year or two-year warranties however, there are some which include a five-year warranty that gives you peace of mind. Another way to make sure you’re buying an efficient projector is to confirm the lamp life-time rating. 

Although not all projectors that cost less than $200 will come with ratings of 20000 hours, or 50000 hours or up to 100000 hours. having a greater lamp life is beneficial.

The 10 Best Projector Under 200: Editor’s Choice

An overview of the best projector under 200 is provided below. We have provided a detailed description of the specifications below so that you can decide for yourself which projector offers the best performance and value for money.

Reviews of The Top 10 Best Projector Under 200:

1. ClokoWe YG661

Projector, CLOKOWE 10000L 1080P HD 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, Portable Movie Projector with Screen, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible with Android/iOS/TV Stick/PS4, Support 4K&300”

Highlighted Features:

  • Native 1080P Full HD Resolution: Introduced the latest LCD display technology, CLOKOWE native 1920 x 1080P HD projector with 10000:1 high contrast provides over 95%+ brightness than other 1080p projectors. Packaged with a 100 inch portable projector screen, the outdoor movie projector gives you a brighter and sharper visual feast whether in home theater or outdoor. Adopted high-refraction glassed lens, the video projector offers an outstanding color accuracy for movie entertainment.
  • Wireless & Bluetooth & Dolby Support: With 2.4G/5G WiFi connection, the outdoor projector can mirror movies/videos/photos/games from your iOS or android device to big screen(NO NEED TO BUY EXTRA CABLES), With Bluetooth connection, the portable projector can wireless connect to external speakers or Bluetooth earphone. Dolby audio improves the acoustic fidelity of the movie projector for outdoor use. The zoom function makes the projector easier to adjust the screen size from 75% to 100% by remote.
  • Multiple Devices Connection & Low Noise: Equipped with HDMI / AV / SD / USB port, CLOKOWE YG661 home theater video projector can properly compatible with TV Box, Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, Xbox, DVD player, PS3, PS4, USB stick, media players, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and etc. With upgraded fan system and the application of innovative material, the mini bluetooth projector brings less noise. (4K Supported Partially)
  • Hi-fi Stereo Speaker & Advanced Cooling System: Built-in 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system, the wireless projector provides a fantastic auditory sense experience to enrich your family entertainment life . Even without external speakers, the led projector is very easy to set up. Adopt the newest cooling system, the phone projector has a fast heat dissipation, making it cool down quickly even after a long-time use.
  • Lifetime Professional Repair & Technical Support: CLOKOWE specializes in the production and development of projectors for more than 10 years and possess Dolby License, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE certificates. We provide 6-month return & 3-year repair, lifetime professional customer service & technical support. If you have any problem, please feel free to let us know and we will be here for you 24-7-365. Absolute worry-free after-sales service for you.


PONER SAUND Wireless Smart Home Mini Projector: 2022 Newest Portable Video WiFi Projector with 1080P & 168″ Screen Supported – Compatible with TV Stick | HDMI | VGA | USB | TV Box | Laptop | DVD

Highlighted Features:

  • Exquisite appearance design, using the latest 4.0LCD display technology. Supported resolution: 1920*1080, contrast ratio: 4000:1, brightness: 4500lux, lamp life: 60000 hours, viewing size: 32-180 inches, projector distance is 0.95 Meters-3.8 meters. Diffuse reflection technology provides soft image projection, effectively protecting your eyes.
  • Mobile phone directly on the same screen WIFI and USB connection-MOOKA RD823 wireless mini smart movie projector is equipped and compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows 10. Only need a WIFI connection to synchronize with the smartphone screen, thus realizing a large-format viewing experience with the home video projector.
  • This WIFI mini video projector has High-fidelity stereo speakers and high-performance, high-fidelity stereo speakers with SRS sound system and 100-inch image display, bringing you high-quality sound reproduction, realizing a real home theater experience. It is recommended to use in a darker environment.
  • This mini projector-PONER SAUND portable projector is compatible with TV Stick/PS4/PS5/HDMI/AV (DVD) through AV, HDMI, and USB ports. Compatible with iOS and Android phones. WiFi/USB cable/wireless screen projection. Very suitable for family entertainment, video games, parties, outdoor activities.
  • The best choice for wireless, wired, and mobile phone to synchronize portable movie projectors in every room of the family and to give gifts to friends. Exquisite appearance, convenience, and perfect experience, allowing you to enjoy the joy of home theater indoors or outdoors with your family or friends.


YABER WiFi & Bluetooth projector adopts advanced German LED light source, high-quality materials, and delicate manufacturing process. With native 1920*1080p resolution, 9500L brightness, 10000:1 contrast ratio, delivers bright large-screen with fantastic image clarity, outstanding color accuracy and incredibly sharp image detail to both homes and businesses.

The features of V6 is portable size carry 1080P resolution, WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 function, innovative 4-Point Keystone Correction Function (±50° for four angles), which is an upgraded 4D keystone correction function.

Highlighted Features:

  • Official Feature Sponsor of New Orleans Film Festival-With 9500L,10000:1 high contrast, and 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, YABER V6 is the smallest native 1080P projector on the market. More portable than other bulky 1080P projectors but offers a sharper, brighter and more colorful image for home entertainment. With native 1920x1080P resolution, 3 times of pixels than other 720p projectors, it’s the most cost-effective 1080p projector.
  • This WiFi projector supports wifi connection for both iOS/android systems, can mirror videos/photos/games from your smartphone or other Miracast-enabled devices freely. V6 movie projector built-in the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip which can connect your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly any time freely. Built-in 6w dual HiFi Stereo speakers with SRS sound system provides a great auditory sense experience without external speakers.
  • The biggest feature is the innovative 4-Point Keystone Correction, an upgraded 4D keystone correction. 4D keystone can only adjust the vertical or horizontal directions, while the 4P Keystone realizes that the 4 corners of the picture can all be adjusted separately, more practical, convenient and user-friendly. With Zoom function, it can shrink the image size from 100% to 50% using the remote without moving the projector.
  • The first LCD projector can play Microsoft Office & Adobe PDF files directly from your USB stick and view them on the projector. While others only support text format and need to connect the projector to a laptop/pc to project excel/word/pdf. Unlike other projectors that can only be upgraded locally by plugging in a USB, V6 supports both local and online upgrade methods.
  • Adopt the latest SmarEco technology to minimize lamp power consumption to extend the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of 100000 hours. This portable projector is very suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard, games, yoga, and party usage. YABER provides 6-Month back and 3-Year repair, lifetime professional technical support. Any problems, please feel free to us know anytime.

4. Miroir SYNQ M189

Miroir M189 HD Portable Projector – Rechargeable Battery – Home and Outdoors (Renewed Premium)

Highlighted Features:

  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY – The built-in lithium-ion battery allows for approximately 3 hours of projecting time
  • HD-QUALITY PROJECTION – Small enough to easily fit inside your briefcase or bag, the Miroir SYNQ M189 HD Projector delivers cinema-quality HD projection for entertainment on the go. Perfect for use in spaces that have light control, the Miroir SYNQ M189 HD Projector puts the power of a vivid 80” HD screen in the palm of your hand – anywhere, anytime.
  • MANUAL FOCUS + KEYSTONE PROJECTION – The M189 HD projector automatically adjusts for easy setup and no-fuss image quality. Manual focus delivers crisp images every time, and keystone correction ensures that your projection will fit the wall perfectly. Simply set up the projector, and the auto-keystone function squares the image to the surface you’re projecting on removing any distortion.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND – This projector has one built-in 5-watt speaker for premium sound as well as an audio out jack (3.5mm).
  • Portable Projector: Ultra-portable native 720p (1280x720p) with power jack for your streaming stick.

5. ViewSonic M1

The ViewSonic M1 Mini Plus is a pocket-sized ultra-portable LED projector that delivers big-screen entertainment in nearly any location. Featuring a built-in battery with power bank compatibility, the M1 Mini Plus delivers true portability and hours of entertainment without the need of a power cord.

Lightweight and measuring only 4” x 4”, this tiny projector can be placed in your purse, backpack, or back pocket, making it perfect for entertainment on the go. The M1 Mini Plus also includes swappable panels in three different colors – gray, yellow, and teal – so you can change the look of the projector to suit your style.

An integrated smart stand provides for flexible setup, while also doubling as a lens cover. A built-in JBL speaker with Bluetooth provides crisp and clear sound, while a USB reader port lets you play multimedia content from an external dongle.

Compact and lightweight, the M1 Mini Plus can be enjoyed in the kids’ room or in the backyard, or carry it on the road camping, in hotels, or anywhere your travels take you.

What’s more, integrated smart Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream and binge from your favorite content providers like YouTube and Netflix – making the M1 Mini Plus a great option for sharing and displaying videos and other multimedia content.

Highlighted Features:

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Measuring only 4×4 inches, this LED projector with WVGA (854x480p) resolution delivers convenient entertainment nearly anywhere
  • PREMIUM AUDIO: An integrated JBL Bluetooth speaker delivers big sound in a small package (Bluetooth connection for audio only)
  • STREAMING SIMPLIFIED: Livestream sporting events straight into your living room, binge shows on Netflix or Disney+ by adding a dongle (not included)
  • PICTURE PERFECT: Automatic vertical keystone correction helps eliminate crooked and distorted images
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY: Provides up to 1.5 hours of power, while power bank compatibility offers extended battery life wherever you go
  • SMART STAND: Enables easy placement in a variety of positions and angles. The smart stand also doubles as a lens cover
  • APTOIDE UI: Download and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube from the integrated Aptoide menu. *Copyrighted content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu CANNOT be mirrored or screencast. Download the apps onto the projector to view
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: HDMI 1.4, USB Type A, Wi-Fi, and USB Type C provide support for most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: M1 Mini Projector, Swappable panels (Gray, Teal and Yellow), Power Cord, Remote Control, and Quick Start Guide

6. UUO P6

UUO 4K Projector, Native 1080P Projector for Outdoor Home, Movie Projector Support 4K HD Video ±50° Digital Keystone & 300’’ Projection Area, Compatible with TV Stick,Laptop,PS5,X-Box,iOS Android

Highlighted Features:

  • The 4k projector uses Enhanced Pixel technology to provide 1920x1080P native resolution and 8000:1 contrast ratio, effectively reducing pixel compression loss, which provides better Outdoor home movie experience.
  • The home projector has upgraded to 7200 lumens. And it adopts patented color reproduction technology to achieve high brightness and color gamut balance, which perfectly showing the vividness and color of the original image.
  • For the area, the 1080p projector can cover 300 inches to let you enjoy large screen movies. For the ditance ,35” with 4.9 feet distance even in small rooms can get clear projected images. In addition, you can use the remote control to correct the screen, ±50° electronic keystone correction, zoom function and 360° rotation.
  • The home theater projector is equipped with built-in speaker. The speaker can restore the sound quality to the maximumis to highlight the movie atmosphere and provide a good viewing experience. No matter outdoors or at home, you can enjoy your vivid movie time.
  • UUO outdoor projector is equipped with 2 HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, SD card and audio output ports. It’s also perfectly compatible with various devices such as TV Stick,Laptop,PS5,X-Box,iOS Android.

7. Magnasonic

Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector, HDMI, Rechargeable Battery, Built-in Speaker, DLP, 60 inch Hi-Resolution Display for Streaming Movies, Presentations, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops (PP60)

Highlighted Features:

  • WORLD’S SMALLEST portable DLP projector (only 3.9 x 3.0 x 0.5 inches) with HDMI connection, allows anyone to project big, vivid videos & photos up to 60 inches in size for work & play
  • Easy to use plug & play projector is perfect at home or in the office with its bright 25 lumen LED DLP light engine, crystal clear 640 x 360 resolution, & 1100:1 contrast ratio allowing for super crisp projection from 1.5 to 9.5 feet away
  • Watch all your favorite movies or make an impressive business presentation anywhere with its portable, lightweight design & long lasting 2 hour rechargeable battery (2100mAh) and project while charging
  • Comes with HDMI, Micro HDMI, MHL cables & Samsung Galaxy adapters that allow you to project from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, media player & any other HDMI video player (Note: Apple devices require an adapter – sold separately, Android devices require MHL feature – see your device’s manual for compatibility)
  • With its internal speaker, enjoy audio from your videos or use the 3.5mm headphone jack to connect external speakers or earphones of your choice

8. Miroir M280A

Miroir M280A Smart WiFi Portable LED Projector | Dual Bluetooth Speakers | Netflix and Other App’s | HDMI | USB Type A Reader | Rechargeable Battery

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in WIFI works with your favorite streaming apps including: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more. Simply power on the Miroir M280A portable projector, download your app and view up to an 80 inch diagonal image on your wall, screen or ceiling. Two point Keystone, Digital Zoom and Motorized focus to control your image with an included Remote. LED Lamp lasts for up to 20,000 hours.
  • Use your M280A outside, or share anywhere with a built in rechargeable battery. A portable projector small enough to fit into a purse, backpack or jacket pocket. Light Weight and Portable, 8″ x 2.9″ x 1.1″, 12 oz, 2 hour battery.
  • Enjoy a cinematic viewing experience with Miroir M280A Smart Mini Projector with Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology. Two 3 – watt speakers built-in, or connect to an existing Bluetooth speaker.
  • HDMI 1x, USB Type A reader 2x, 3.5mm audio out. Compatible with Laptop, Phone, Tablet, or Game Console. *Some Apple devices require Apple Digital AV Adapter.

9. GPX

Turn any space into entertainment central with the GPX Rechargeable Projector with Bluetooth. Project your favorite movies, games and photos up to a 150″ screen size with HDMI, USB, Micro SD and AV. Easily adjust the picture for the best viewing angle with manual focus and angle correction.

Connect your speakers to the audio out, a Bluetooth speaker, or use the built-in speaker to complete the scene. Portable with handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Project your favorite movies, games and photos up to a 150″ screen size with HDMI, USB, Micro SD, and AV
  • Projector is portable with handle and rechargeable battery; Built-in Bluetooth wireless transmitter
  • Up to 150-inch viewable screen size; LED bulb with 20,000 hour life and Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Built-in stereo speakers; Features focus adjust and keystone angle correction; Includes a remote 2 AAA batteries required but not included
  • Projector is mountable and has a fabric top cabinet
  • Power source type: battery powered

10. Naxa

Naxa NVP-3002C 210″ Home Theater LCD Projector Combo with 100″ Portable Screen, Remote, and Case, for Streaming from Phones, Gaming Consoles, Bluetooth, HDMI x 2, USB 2.0, MicroSD Support, Black

Highlighted Features:

  • Enjoy all your favorite sports teams, movies, and TV shows with friends and family in an immersive LCD entertainment experience
  • Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect the projector to external speakers for a better sound experience
  • By including a carrying case in the combo package you can conveniently enjoy great entertainment with your friends and family in your house or anywhere else you go
  • Enjoy streaming all types of movies, music, and media through various apps by connecting a compatible streaming device such as: Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, or Google Chrome Stick (streaming devices not included)
  • LCD projector delivers high-quality entertainment in vivid imagery; With native resolution of 1920 x 1080, it provides sharp and detailed FHD images, giving you a true cinema experience
  • Long-lasting LED bulb life delivers up to 50,000 hours of usage
  • Offers a wide variety of multimedia functionality, allowing you to stream media via USB flash drives, memory cards, 2 HDMI connections, and AV IN connection with ease
  • Listen to your favorite media privately and distraction-free thanks to the 3.5mm headphone input; High-powered speakers will fill any entertainment room for all to enjoy
  • Full-function remote control allows you to conveniently operate your projector entirely from the comfort of your couch
  • Accessories included: UL power adapter, full-function remote control, 100” portable projector screen, carrying case, and user manual

In case you are looking for the best projector under 200 to fit your needs, you should check out our recommendations above.

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